Vanessa Del: Cum-Mand Performance

Vanessa Del: Cum-Mand Performance

When this scene opens, JJ-cup Vanessa is on a bed in an outdoor cabana. Her tits are pouring out of a lingerie top, and she's playing with them and swinging them into the camera. She bounces them hands-free and somehow doesn't give herself a black eye. By the way, her top still hasn't come off. Finally, she takes out her tits and continues the show, then wiggles her ass. When she smacks her own ass, the sound is loud.

Finally, the lucky stud shows up, and he goes right for her tits, kneading and sucking, much to Vanessa's pleasure. But it's his cock that she wants, and she goes down and stuffs her mouth with his man-meat, bulging her cheeks. Tit-fucking makes his cock disappear, then the dude fucks her in several positions and turns her upside-down. Careful there, buddy! We're afraid her tits are going to avalanche onto her face as he pounds her pussy. Fortunately, Vanessa survives this pounding, and she takes his load onto her tits and rubs it in.
Featuring: Vanessa Del
Date: August 27th, 2018
Photos: 52

Member Comments

3 months ago 

One of the greatest of all time!

1 year ago 

I love Vanessa's enormous boobs. She is so horny and hot. She makes me want to oil up her beautiful tits and fuck them with my big cock . She needs to be my porn star wife it would be incredible.

I'm in love with your very huge saggy tits very nice silky smooth dark skin as you making very wet & horny loves to slap your big soft ass loud over half an hour none stop until I cum in u. "I wish you wore my sexy wife. oxo

Why does this ugly bastard get to fuck these big tity girls? The need a real man. This guy is weak!

I just love this woman in a short time she has really filled out.She is sooooo horny and I wish I had her to come home to!!!

I'm glad Vanessa shyed away from *********. Just like Kristina. These guy's really know how to treat a lady. These guys are not afraid to perform cunnilingus. I commend this guy for eating both Vanessa and Kristina out.

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