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It's Always Sunny In New York

"I love to go out on fun dates," says Sunny Dee, a girl who gets wolf whistles and comments from horny dogs every time she steps out of the apartment or the office. That's just how she's built. "I love to get pampered. A man should always be the man, taking care of the women he sees. I expect the man to handle everything and pay for everything. I don't like guys who sponge off girls. That's not being a responsible, real man. The man should be the daddy."

Sunny likes to wear tight, well-fitted clothes that show off her lush, plush body and her big tits. "I have sex about twice a week, more on a better week," says Sunny. "I like it best when a man eats me out. A man with a talented tongue is worth a lot to me. Not enough guys take the time to lick pussy the right way. I don't masturbate very often unless I have to. But I could lay back and have my pussy licked for an hour. I love that. And a thick cock is real nice. A guy doesn't have to be long, too long is not for me, but I love…
Featuring: Sunny Dee
Date: February 4th, 2015
Duration: 49

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Would love to be the guy in the car with Sunny.

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