Drippin' Wet Tits

Join Celeste in the shower. She may be SinFul but she likes every inch of her plush body to be fresh. Wash that pussy and butthole nice and clean, Celeste.

It's time for a Q&A about T&A with this tasty morsel.

Do you have any special talents?

"I give a killer blow job. I love to suck cock. When it's my husband's cock, I swallow his cum. With other guys, I spit."

Do you like anal play?

"Yes, I enjoy it. It gets me all wet and creamy inside."

What about girls?

"I had a girl come over to my place to enjoy her. The foreplay was awesome with her and my husband."

Do you like to have sex in public?

"Yes, I enjoy the chance of getting caught by people. The fear factor. Not really fear but the thrill of being seen, people watching me fuck. It feels dangerous. Doing this is really like having sex in public. Everyone and anyone at any time of the day or night can see me naked or fucking."
Featuring: SinFul Celeste
Date: October 7th, 2014
Photos: 62

Member Comments

9 years ago 

I would have to say if I walked into the
bathroom and she was there spread like that I
would dive right in cock first!!

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