Beer Wench

Swinger and star of Big Girl Sex School, Shugar's not a waitress but she sure can swing a mean stein. Why does every European beer maid have big tits? It's a real tradition. We're sure that if Shugar ever applied for a suds-swinging job with her 40JJ knockers, she'd land one easily. Her customers would be walking into walls, with tits like hers in their faces. "One day I was at Home Depot. I do yard art like Santa Clauses and reindeer and elves for your yard and I make them and ship them all over. I was at Home Depot getting supplies and this guy walked by and he looked and he kept looking and looking and ran right into a store display. It cracked me up!" said Shugar. "Sometimes I think to myself, 'they're just boobs,' but the more things like that happen I realize that they are special. But to me they're just normal because I've always had them. Actually, I've grown since I turned 35. I was a Double-F when I met my husband and now I'm a Double-J."
Featuring: Shugar
Date: May 3rd, 2011
Photos: 55

Member Comments

8 years ago 

Raw Power. I'll do her from nine to Five.

11 years ago 

I love big breasted naturally hanging shots, and #32, Shugar holding the beer steins while more or less nude, makes me want to cum on the spot! WOW! No, Shugar, they're not "just breasts". They're lovely, beautiful, sexy, amazing embodiments of TRUE womanhood!

13 years ago 

How marvellous to see this set from my favourite XL Girl.
Please may seh excuse the ungallant comment that I think the set dates from a little, very litte while back !
Please may we have more of the superbly erotic Shugar.

13 years ago 

DAMN! Shugra's husband is sooo lucky.Her humongous tits and ass make me shake so much i just want to fuck al her holes and tits.

13 years ago 

Yeah, Shugar is great. That last pic is a bit crazy though!
We need more video of her fucking and shaking those awesome tits everywhere please!

13 years ago 

Where can I get such a wonderful woman??

13 years ago 

Shugar is simply awesome!

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