The Breast Power Of Shar

The Breast Power Of Shar

Shar is in a very special league of bra-wreckers. Also known as Sexy Shar and Ms. Titty, Shar Nitzapanus is a whole lotta woman. "I love dressing sexy," Shar says. "I like to wear tight sweaters in the winter and tank tops and tube tops in the summer. I don't always wear a bra although most people would guess that I do. I love to wear thongs and
lace boy shorts."

Shar likes traveling and says that it's her favorite hobby. "My next favorite hobby is shopping, especially for sexy clothes."

As for men, Shar says "I never make the first move when I see a guy I like. I like a man to make the first move. It's more chivalrous and manly."

Shar was born in Texas and now lives in Los Angeles. "I still love the Dallas Cowboys. I also love soccer. In fact, I used to play soccer and soft ball." That must have been an amazing sight to see.
Featuring: Shar Nitzapanus
Date: June 23rd, 2009
Photos: 50

Member Comments

9 years ago 

I fucking love her lol, so gorgeous

13 years ago 

Shar is another one of your beautiful models I just keep cumming back to see,when she smiles -- WOW ! she lights up the room and I would sure like to be the toy she plays with in your photo shoots.SOOO GLAD to see your bringing her back Aug. 10 --just three days from now , I know she is just gonna be a knockout--- THANK YOU , THANK YOU , THANK YOU !

13 years ago 

What a beautiful , full figured woman Shar is , I would love to get lost in her lovin !!!!!

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