BBW Photos » Nurse Sashaa Will Fuck You Now & Give Up Her Ass

Nurse Sashaa Will Fuck You Now & Give Up Her Ass

Nurse Sashaa Juggs is famous for her specialized treatment of the Hooter Hospital patients. When she is on duty, all hands are on dick. She is known as the anal nurse and you have to see why. Sashaa is indeed a true angel of mercy.

It's also a miracle that her nurse's uniform doesn't rip to shreds as she walks. Fortunately, Nurse Juggs has the time to model for XL Girls on the side when she is not healing the sick, broken men of this hospital.

It is very difficult to find trained nurses as stacked and fully loaded as Nurse Juggs. If you disagree with this statement, then show us a nurse at your local hospital with tits like Sashaa's. We're confident you can't. (If you do, we'll offer her a high-paying position here at XL Girls. In fact, several positions.)

On this day, Nurse Juggs is checking up on Rocky. He is due to be discharged. I fact, that's what Nurse Juggs plans to do...discharge his cock and extract the sperm samples. She carefully checks his man-bag and has him cough.…
Featuring: Sashaa Juggs and Rocky
Date: November 26th, 2018
Duration: 100

Member Comments

2 weeks ago 
I'm sure she has great bedside manner.
2 weeks ago 
Sashaa is an absolute dream, very very sexy body and such a pretty face and eyes. I also loved the outfit. Lets have her back again and again in HC.
2 weeks ago 
I love her! I want to make babies with her!
2 weeks ago 
Oh my God . . . This lady is my dream queen.
2 weeks ago 
Sashaa never ceases to amaze and arouse! I would like to lick this woman from head to toe. Everything about her is super sexy. I really like the outfit she is wearing in this set and there are some stunning poses. Her thighs drive me absolutely crazy! I can't get enough of Sashaa.
2 weeks ago 
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