Pretty In Pink

When you think about XL Girls, Sarah Rae is the type of girl that springs to mind. A bright smile, unbelievably cute and a Coke-bottle body fit to bear her tremendous tits. Needless to say, Sarah has developed quite the following over the years, but she hasn't let it get to her head.

"I'm still just Sarah," she said. "Having big tits is part of being me, so it's great that so many guys appreciate them. But I'm still the same friendly, happy girl I've always been, though. Don't expect any ego trips!"

When you look like Sarah, you're allowed an ego trip or two. And we'd gladly join her for them. We could use a good vacation with a supernaturally busty girl by our side. Another thing that hasn't changed is Sarah's sex drive. She's still as horny as she's ever been.

"You have to mix things up and keep it exciting," Sarah said. "Sometimes I'll just send a guy a pic of me fingering myself or sucking on my boobs. I want to be on your mind as much as possible. I want you to want me."…

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Featuring: Sarah Rae
Date: February 12th, 2015
Photos: 54

Member Comments

4 years ago 
How in the hell has this girl slipped under my radar!?? What a beauty.
6 years ago 
Like many have said, Sarah is not only one hell of a hottie super honey, she's just plain fun. Her photos radiate that she's havin' a good time teasin' and pleasin' her fans. What a great vibe gal. Then, one can't overlook the gorgeousness of all her beauty and curves framed by a those dark tresses, big smile and sparkling eyes. She's a model who we all wished would move in next door to us so mere mortals would have a chance to flirt this curvalicious dreamgirl. And, to boot, she gave me my favorite poses in shots 45-51...I LOVE legs up, wide pussy spread with huge tits up and showcased or splayed on the models' chest...and those shoes are hot hot hot! thanks babe!
6 years ago 
Great pic series, her hottest set so far. Go ahead and go further Sarah!
6 years ago 
Nothing brightens up my day more than seeing new content from Sarah Rae!
6 years ago 
Oh, believe me, Sarah, I DO want you!

My company almost hired an intern that reminded of Sarah, although without the sheer breast size. Still big, not "Sarah big". She was really pretty and had a great smile and personality. I was one of the ones interviewing her and advocating for her. She chose another company, though. Depression set in. :-(

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