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Sarah's Bag of Tricks

You can feel the energy shift when Sarah Rae enters a room. First, because she's bubbly and vivacious. Sarah's personality lights up a room when she makes an entrance. But if we're going to be honest, the real reason the energy shifts when Sarah enters a room is because everyone's staring at them. Her tits... which are 36JJs and essentially have homing beacons on them. You have no choice but to look. With all of the attention her tits get, Sarah has developed some big tit tricks, too.

"I'm a professional big-booby bouncer," she said. "It happens on its own when I'm walking, but a lot of times when I'm sitting in a restaurant I do find myself doing it. It's second nature to me now."

We doubt the wait staff or the clientele have any complaints when Sarah begins her booby bounces. Of course, subconscious booby bouncing isn't the only--or the best--trick Sarah has up her bra straps. Sarah's self-suckling of her tits are the stuff of legend, and she may be the only girl greater at them…
Featuring: Sarah Rae
Date: January 15th, 2015
Duration: 90

Member Comments

3 months ago 
I love how Sarah is nearly always smiling. She just oozes sex appeal from every inch of her body.
3 years ago 
I love her spreading wide open.
3 years ago 
So in love with her. She's hottest babe here. Love her cam shows.
3 years ago 
The furry reveal is awesome in this set. Sarah is raising the bar higher in her latest sets. I love her brick house body!
3 years ago 
3 years ago 
Perfect tits. Perfect ass. And a perfect furry pussy!
3 years ago 
Stunning and full of mouth-watering shots. Sarah is incredible.
3 years ago 
What an incredible body!
3 years ago 
I've seen her suck her own tits like that, but can she do it to someone else?
3 years ago 
Absolutely perfect!
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