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"I Want To Dance In Titty Bars"

Welcome back, Porsche Dali, a popular girl at whether she's spreading her buttcheeks and opening the pink or having a fuck-date. We talked to Porsche 'cause she's a lot of fun. We first asked Porsche what mistakes guys make with big girls. "Just be good to your girl and treat her like a queen and you will have nothing to worry about. Do not run around on her and do not talk down to her. Be respectful!" Is she friends with any other XL Girls? "I am friends with a lot of the girls from on Twitter and Facebook but I have never met any of them personally. I really hope to be able to meet them and do a scene with them soon!" What is there to do where a hot model like Porsche lives? Does she hang out at any titty bars? "I absolutely love titty bars! There are several where I live and all of the girls are wonderful. I love going in and drinking with the girls. I always make sure to get a lap dance before the night is over. I have met a lot of my girl friends at titty…
Featuring: Porsche Dali
Date: February 8th, 2012
Duration: 66

Member Comments

3 years ago 
She's the kind of woman I'd LOVE to see dancing in titty bars! There are far too many stick figures in those places and not enough REAL women!
6 years ago 
Tom is so right, Porsche is great. I would love to see her working over some toys in a
video, while showing that lovely smile and talking in that sexy voice she has. I am
very turned on by her sets. Thank you XL girls and most importantly than you Porsche!
6 years ago 
WOW! First of all, what a beautiful smile Porsche has. Second, what a consummate professional model she is. Third, what a rockin body she has. I am so glad you gave her a high quality solo set so she can show what she is capable of by herself. Porsche is awesome and so is this set. Her facial expressions alone make me hard. Incredibly hot!
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