Curvy Chassis

Porsche is named after her favorite car. Like her namesake, her body has nice contours and sexy curves. Does she get together with plump girls in her town and describe their hottest sexual encounters?

"While I haven't been blessed with a sexy BBW yet, I have had a couple of hot sexual experiences with other girls. When I first started college, I was sharing a house with three other girls. We ran around the house naked all the time and were completely comfortable with one another. A sister of one of my roommates came into town and she was so hot! I couldn't stop staring at her. This was the first time I really wanted to fuck another woman senseless.

"After attending one hell of a party and coming home completely drunk, I invited her to come sleep with me in my room. She ended up in my bed and we fucked all night long! She was the first girl I ever fucked but definitely not my last."

What was the biggest cock Porsche was ever penetrated with?

"The biggest cock I have ever been…

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Featuring: Porsche Dali
Date: January 17th, 2011
Photos: 80

Member Comments

5 years ago 
Porsche is the greatest hope you will have back soon.
9 years ago 
great ass and tits! love it.
9 years ago 
I just shot my muck all over the screen,fuck yeh
9 years ago 
Hey Babes!

Thank you for the awesome comments! You make me feel greatly appreciated! I love you all!!! I hope to be back VERY soon!


Porsche Dali
9 years ago 
She's one of my favorite woman! She's so sexy!
9 years ago 
I am completely smitten by Porsche. She is a goddess and this set is as good as any I have ever seen. I absolutely love the outfit she is wearing. She is sizzling hot in it. If I was a member of Score management, I would immediately give the photographer a raise. I have never seen so many quality shots in a single set before, which is also a testament to Porshe's skill as a model. I love the shots where Porsche has one foot on the ground and one foot on the bed. It is clear the photographer has the same appreciation for Porsche's thighs as I do and features them prominently. I really hope you keep bringing her back. If you make a DVD of Porsche, I promise I will buy it.
9 years ago 
A wonderful woman, I would like to meet her ! Unfortunately I live in Austria !
9 years ago 
Not the hottest BBW in the world, but she's do-able.
The set is good.

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