The Office Hottie

The new office intern is none other than pretty Nixie Night, and calling Nixie the office hottie is the understatement of the year. She's the biggest-boobed and the sexiest looking babe in this office.

Nixie is very nervous her first week and keeps dropping the file folders she's assigned to deliver to the boss. When she gets to his office, she drops them again. The boss gets a nice view of her chest when she gets on her knees to pick them up.

The boss sees how anxious Nixie is and can tell that she wants to make a good impression. She's already done that by wearing a scooped-top, a mini-skirt and very high heels. He holds her hand to reassure her and places it in his thigh, moving it up so she can feel his trouser-horn.

The boss sees great potential in Nixie and talks to her about her chances of a full-time job. She does want that job. Full-time. Every day. So he can see her and she can be by his side. And under him. And on top. And every which way.

He undoes his fly so Nixie can take his prick in her hand and bring it to her mouth. It's the first step in Nixie learning how to succeed in the hard world of business. That's why the boss keeps a couch in his office as a training tool.
Featuring: Nixie Night and Tony D'Sergio
Date: January 11th, 2021
Photos: 110

Member Comments

I want to work there. I the break I would fuck her every day until she is pregnant :)

Love her big eyes and smile! And of course those wonderful, big, plump breasts.

Nice and beauty. Please bringer her back with solo pics too. Thanks

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