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Nila Needs Roadside Assistance

Several XL Girls members found the arm stamina to write-in about new discovery Nila Mason. "Nila is gorgeous, what a discovery, please post more from this beauty," commented Chappy. "A major discovery. A top class XL Girl," PW commented.

Nila (pronounced "Nee-la") is all that and a whole lot more. We've seen Nila's debut and a Bonus video trying on tight tops and bras that laid us out. She's a girl who makes a man proud to be a man. Now we get to see this dreamgirl in her first hardcore scene as a delightful damsel in distress and in need of roadside assistance after her car breaks down. She tries phoning for help but the operators don't speak Russian. When Nila spots Denis ambling down the street towards her, she asks him for help. What would you do?

Unfortunately, but maybe fortunately, Denis knows jack about motors but he does know a catch when he sees her and quickly invites Nila to his place so she can call for a mechanic. Offering Nila some wine at his pad, Denis accidentally…
Featuring: Nila Mason and Denis Reed
Date: June 17th, 2016
Duration: 90

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Nila is the perfect model for girls xl site, we want to see again and again, it's so exciting, you do not get tired
2 years ago 
This model pretty much perfect in every feature. Can't be bettered really. Unless can gain a bit around belly, hips, bum. Amazing shape & form, skin tone, colour, texture & size of her nips spot on. Boobs soft and ample. Pussy lips perfect size for sucking to inside your mouth.
Face and hair are as good as any model in her prime.
We are so lucky.
2 years ago 
A new talent that needs much more exposure. Her hotness comes out in abundance and the photos of her sitting holding her big ums are excellent
2 years ago 
Nila is probably one of the most beautiful models to grace Score land! Her body and that gorgeous cleavage are to die for! I could fall in love with this goddess!
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