Sports By Nikki

Sports By Nikki

Nikki Smith combined sex with some mild bondage in one of her scenes. We roped her into a few questions after we learned that Nikki has a kink for it at home too. This lends a new dimension to Nikki's tennis shop photo shoot.

What interests you about bondage overall?

"The thrill, primarily. Bondage of any sort requires trust and by letting go of control and giving my trust to someone else, I am allowing that person to control my pleasure."

What kind of bondage activities do you especially enjoy?

"I am still a newbie but I particularly enjoy being restrained and sometimes even blindfolded. I do like getting my ass slapped with a nice paddle or even a nice, big, strong hand and although I haven't ventured too far into other methods, I have discovered that I seem to quite enjoy floggers, too!"

Do you go to professional dungeons or is it an at-home thing?

"Definitely just an at-home thing at this point."
Featuring: Nikki Smith
Date: March 4th, 2013
Duration: 80

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Love Nikki! Total girl (with big tits) next door! Awesome!!!
3 years ago 
nikki is beautiful and a great smile.
6 years ago 
I really like the solution that Nikki came up with to satisfy those of us who prefer hair down there vs. those that like a bald pussy. She has both! I'm a Nikki fan for sure. I'd love to tie her up and have my way with her.
6 years ago 
WOW!!! absolutely amazing in so many levels.nikki is remarkable,with a stunning body,beautiful face,an a great ass an pussy to go with this set gives motivation to not only get a workout sexually but physically as well,great work guys this woman is amazing

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