Good Girl/Bad Girl Roommates

Good Girl/Bad Girl Roommates

This is the story of two girls who live together. One girl is a conservative-looking girl. The other has a Goth look. They both have huge, natural tits and bodies so hot you could toast bread on their asses. Plus, they both possess massive appetites for sex. It made perfect sense for them to live together.

On a sunny day, Scarlet LaVey and Nikki Smith are enjoying a quiet afternoon at home. Scarlet is tending to personal chores. Nikki is hanging out on the living room couch with a new friend who may luck into becoming a potential booty-call. The couple get chummy fast. He loves big tits and Nikki has plenty of that good stuff to suck, squeeze and lick.

When Pike gets an eyeful of Scarlet, he gets as horny for her as he did for Nikki. Little does he know that he's going to be blessed and is holding the winning ticket for the big-boob lotto. Nikki can tell that he's hot for Scarlet. But she is the generous sort and loves to share. What Pike doesn't know is that Nikki and Scarlett…

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Date: November 11th, 2020
Photos: 135

Member Comments

Nice to see Nikki licking pussy as she gets fucked. Very hot!
I am so glad that Nikki shaved her pussy bald it looks soooo much better very hot sexy yummy girls!!!
Great set. Scarlet put some weight on, she looks great.
What a fantastic set! Nikki Smith is so hot it is ridiculous. Can we get her in stockings and heels and some lingerie for a shoot? Thanks!
damn damn u 2 girls are so fucking hot
That was great where Scarlet fingered Nikki's asshole.
A very edgy creative provocative scene... it's great that is breaking-out of the old mold.
The photographer and director did a good job with all the innovative positions and switching around.

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