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The Erector Set

Need something built? Or have a hard erection job? Nikki Cars is your go-to gal. No job is too "hard" for this mid-western brickhouse. She enjoys erecting big towers. She likes to tackle this kind of project five to ten times a week, says Nikki. The bigger the tower, the better. She's very good with those power tools. Nikki likes that tongue also. "I love oral sex. What girl doesn't? I've learned about women who squirt and the motions that they use to get off so explosively. One of my favorite things is when a man uses one or two fingers and pounds my G-spot really hard and quickly. That's a guaranteed wet spot on the sheets for sure. But basically, any sexual position works for me. I'm not generally a 'jump your bones' type of girl. But I am always up for a good roll in the hay. With or without the hay." Yes, Nikki Cars is always welcome at With or without the hard hat. One can always look forward to Nikki spreading open her butt cheeks and pulling apart her pussy lips…
Featuring: Nikki Cars
Date: July 11th, 2011
Duration: 63

Member Comments

4 years ago 
Nikki should never
cover that voluptuous
6 years ago 
Let's see more of Nikki.
7 years ago 
When Nikki bends over and spreads her asscheeks or spreads her pussy she definetly builds my erection..i like her more now that she's gotten bigger!
7 years ago 
I always enjoy seeing a new Nikki photo set. She is one of my favorite models and she never disappoints. When she leans back and spreads her magnificent thighs, she always erects a big tower. I would love to eat her pussy and taste her lovely asshole.
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