Monica Keyes & The Cock Man

Monica Keyes & The Cock Man

A newbie to modeling, a friend of Monica Keyes told her that we're always looking for girls with big tits. Monica, who once worked at Victoria's Secret, thought it over and contacted us at instead of forgetting about it. She also said she would try boy-girl play. That's another first for Monica. "I don't have all that much sex. Maybe three times a week," Monica said. Shocking.

Monica played volleyball in school. That must have been a sight. She probably needed two sports bras. Monica has no shortage of boyfriends back home. She's a girl-next-door who likes reading, working out and watching TV. Her favorite position is doggie-style and she likes role-playing.

She likes to mash her tits into her friends' faces and motorboat them. That's always welcome! Monica gets on her back so her blind sex-date can suck on her big, brown bombers. Note the massive areolae surrounding those pointy nipples.

Monica's one-day stand strips her body naked, unhooking her fancy red bra, panties and garters and gets her down on her knees to suck his business before they get down to the fuckin'! Any more Monica Keyes types out there? Call us. We're waiting.
Featuring: Monica Keyes and Juan Largo
Date: March 18th, 2014
Photos: 55

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