The Office

Meet the new supervisor. Her name is Miss Isabelle. The news around the office is that she's a real pussycat and is very friendly. It's clear why she merits her own office. She needs the privacy. These photos show why she needs privacy. But keep it to yourself or another company might steal her away. On her resume, the Brooklyn redhead wrote down her sex fantasies. (There's a space for that in most businesses today. Human Resources wants to know these things.) Miss Isabelle writes, "I'd like to try one of those sex machines. There's a chair for the woman to sit in and a dildo attached to a mechanical apparatus that pumps it in and out of her. The women in those videos look like they're in heaven. I also fantasize about body paints. I'd like to feel wet brushes against my body. Feel the attentiveness and detail of a lover carefully painting me like a canvas. Becoming art. And then tenderly washing it all off." Miss Isabelle is good at erotic writing. The boss liked that. So he gave her…

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Featuring: Miss Isabelle
Date: February 13th, 2012
Photos: 52

Member Comments

4 years ago 
those high panties are hypnotic.
6 years ago 
I wish she would model again. I miss her fantastic body.
7 years ago 
Would love her to be my boss. I'd put her over the desk and stick my face in her ass.
8 years ago 
Wow what a great Valentine's Day present! Miss Isabelle looks stunningly gorgeous in this set. I love her in that green and white dress. I wish it had stayed on longer. I just love Miss Isabelle and she has never looked better than she does in this set. Please keep bringing her back.
8 years ago 
When some of us guys say we like big women, we don't just mean tits. We also like wide hips, thick
thighs, and a wide pussy. Miss Isabelle is a beautiful example of such a sex goddess. Dusty Rose and
Evenzie are other good examples. Let's see more like Miss Isabelle!!

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