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Lingerie Party

In part one of the XLGirls DVD special "Montego Babes, Micky, Gya and Terri have a "Lingerie Party." This pictorial is from that boob-spilling event. Micky, Gya and Terri, in SCORELAND T-shirts and little shorts, try on each other's girly outfits and brassieres, oohing and aahing over each delicate garment. What kind of brassieres can even hold their heavy melons? They must be Swiss engineered to withstand that kind of immense stress! The chicks place all the sexy ware on the bed, eager to model for each other and for you. The girls try on skimpy dresses, provocative lingerie, sexy bras and skimpy swimsuits in an amazing show of pure pulchritude and fine feminine flesh. It's a jawdropping sight to gaze upon these hotties stuffing their girls into tight tops and squeezing into tiny skirts and dresses. We ask you, how much pressure can a man's Johnson take watching these goddesses? Some girls are girls. The girls on are super-girls, more, much more, than a handful. More…
Featuring: Gya, Micky Bells, and Terri Jane
Date: September 12th, 2011
Duration: 77

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Please, mommy, may i have some more.
6 years ago 
Proof that more than a mouthful is definitely NOT wasted! That's why God gave us two hands!
6 years ago 
Beautiful queen.
7 years ago 
All these gorgeous women changing clothes is SO HOT. Mammoth breasted gorgeous women in clothes, and then out of clothes, makes me crazy horny. Stunning beautifully curved women like XL, Score and Voluptuous present are a rarity in everyday life. The TSG world offers a healthy glimpse of this genre that is like no other.
7 years ago 
OMFG! Micky has beautiful heavy hangers! By far the biggest of the three. Way to go Micky!
7 years ago 
I enjoyed this set more than I expected. Gya is the model that drew my attention in the group shots. Her personality shines through in most photos and she has the most beautiful eyes.
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