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The Miracle Bra

It's miraculous that Melissa Mandlikova became a model in the first place. Girls as beautiful and as stacked as Melissa usually get gobbled up by some jealous dude with money who wants her all to himself. A man who'll promise her the finest meats and cheeses in all the land. But Melissa has a wild streak that includes taking her clothes and undies off for hot photos, getting into female wrestling tussles and jacking guys off as the cameras roll. Her movie credits for SCORE include Busty Riding Academy and Hooter Hotel. Melissa lives in Brno, Czech Republic and finds the time to continue her university studies. "When I stop modeling, I want to have good credentials for the future when I begin a new career. I have spoken or chatted with many women who were models and now are in a business, and their advice is very good!" says Melissa, who has an interest in health care and business. Great idea! Anybody thinking nurse video? A good sponge bath is just what the doctor ordered! We have…
Featuring: Melissa Mandlikova
Date: June 1st, 2009
Duration: 50
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