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The Ultra-Sexuals

"The Ultra-Sexuals" matches Marilyn Mayson with JMac in a fuck event worthy of some kind of sex Olympics. It's insanely hot and nasty. Usually in videos, the girls don't look directly at the camera and talk dirty. (That kind of eye-banging is usually done by the girls in the still sets.) Marilyn does this in the video version and the heat meter explodes even more than it normally does because of her moves and sexy commentaries as they fuck in the kind of positions most wives and girlfriends don't do, unless they're porn stars (or like to watch a lot of porn).

Marilyn says she's more confident now than ever before and likes to watch her scenes, either alone or with someone and she's fucked as she's watched them. Will she be having sex as she watches The Ultra-Sexuals?

"I'm a pleaser," said Marilyn. "I know what people want without them having to ask. I like to talk dirty. I like being submissive. I like a big cock and the guy who knows how to use it. I like when they stretch my…
Featuring: Marilyn Mayson and J Mac
Date: February 19th, 2016
Duration: 90
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