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Marilyn Mayson's latest is September '13 XLGirls magazine (SP #253). In this excerpt, she talks to an editor about one of her favorite things.

XLGirls: You like creampies?
Marilyn: That's like my favorite...like my fetish fantasy.
XLGirls: What is it about creampies that gets you off?
Marilyn: I don't know. It's just something about feeling the guy spurting in my pussy that feels really good. It makes me cum, too.
XLGirls: Harder?
Marilyn: Ooh, yeah! They're cumming and for me it's like...wow!
XLGirls: Do you like it when guys cum on your boobs, that kinda thing?
Marilyn: I do. And some guys have great tasting cum and I love to swallow it.
XLGirls: But not all guys?
Marilyn: No. Unfortunately not.
XLGirls: Have you heard that rumor that if a guy eats a lot of pineapple it will fix the taste of his jizz?
Marilyn: Yeah, but, unfortunately, most guys don't like fruit.
XLGirls: Well,…

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Featuring: Marilyn Mayson
Date: July 30th, 2013
Photos: 94

Member Comments

8 years ago 

It is an abomination against the laws of physics and of logic to even consider that ANYONE can be more beautiful than this lady.
It is also an abomination that her last photoset was added to this site 2 years ago. Update overdue.
XL..... Attend to it!

8 years ago 

Marilyn Mayson is a work of art. I love her body and her tattoos just make her hotter!

10 years ago 

I'm not really a fan of tattoos but this girl is such a knockout, I can easily look past them. Gorgeous!

10 years ago 

This girl is wearing me out, rub rub smack smack I would like to snack.

10 years ago 

Marilyn is Beautiful. I love her slimmer. Please make the t-shirt available.

10 years ago 

Thanks for sharing this

10 years ago 

Great photos! I love the spread ass and hanging belly shots!

10 years ago 

Marilyn is unquestionably an ultra hottie. I love this set. I just can't get enough of Marilyn.

10 years ago 

What a great body ! Wet dreams cuming.

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