BBW Photos » Full-figured Fucking With Marille

Full-figured Fucking With Marille

Marille will be the first to admit that a certain breed of man isn't interested in her.

"Men at an outdoor cafe who will turn around and look at a thin fashion model...well, they call themselves fashion models, are not going to turn around and give me a second look when I walk past them," Marille said without any hint of jealousy. "Well, that's fine. That's just how life is. It is a big world and there are enough people in it to satisfy any taste."

Marille is very comfortable in her own skin, comfortable enough to fuck guys with the whole world watching without the slightest trace of insecurity.

"I am a very confident woman inside," Marille admitted. "I can enjoy taking a picture kissing a man's balls at the same time I finger my pussy and I am not ashamed or shy. I can look into the camera while a man is fucking me and I am proud of it. If that is not self-confidence, I do not know what is!"

Fucking is a huge part of Marille's life.

"When I first had sex, I was not shy like…
Featuring: Marille and Dennis
Date: October 30th, 2017
Duration: 61

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