Tabletop Titillation

Tabletop Titillation

Maggie is having a mid-morning cup of coffee while she waits for her date to arrive. Her erotic and sensuous personality and her curvy, sexy body inspires guys to raise the flag in her honor and this dude Renato is no exception. And Maggie is gagging for a hard man to fill her up.

The brunette's eye-popping breasts, thick thighs and child-birthing hips are irresistible. Renato is all over her in a heartbeat. After divesting Maggie of most of her clothing as quickly as he can, he lays Maggie back on the table and spreads her legs open so he can tongue and finger her sweet spot. One of the ways to a girl's heart is through her pussy, head first. At least for Maggie, it is.

Renato and Maggie change positions so she can fuck his cock with her big tits. Holding them together, she sandwiches his meat between her mams and polishes his stiffening prick. Now that they've worked themselves into a fever pitch, Maggie uses one of the chairs to brace herself and offer her butt to him so he can…

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Featuring: Maggie and Renato
Date: May 10th, 2021
Photos: 180

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