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Sexy In The Dressing Room

"Once I found out that a lot of men do find me alluring and attractive, I was just amazed," says Madi Jane. "It's a great feeling. I would never go back to being the girl I was before I started modeling. I am way more confident. Much more open and forward than I used to be. I'm just a better person, who is easier to be around, than I was before. I was always worried that people were judging me based on my size, before they even got to know me at all. So I think that had me constantly on the defensive. I had this tough gal attitude, because I felt like people were not going to like me for who I am, so I wasn't going to let them hurt my feelings. I'd be too tough for that. Now that I think highly of myself, I'm a lot nicer to people. I can walk around with my head high and my eyes straight ahead, instead of hunching over and looking down like I used to do." Another XL Girls success story!
Featuring: Madi Jane
Date: December 5th, 2008
Duration: 60
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