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Shower Power

This is the first time Lucy's ever invited a cameraman into the shower with her. The tanning salon owner, living and working in Germany, doesn't need the money. That's not why she's decided to get into bodacious modeling. She's an exhibitionist and was always one. "What do Americans say?" Lucy asks. "Flaunt it when you have it?" Close enough, Lucy. When you've got it, flaunt it. Now she's decided to go the Full Monty. She's not sure if this is just a lark or if she wants to do it again and again. So far, she's pleased with her pictorials in May '09 Voluptuous and April '09 SCORE. Both are sold all over Germany and she hopes that guys around the world can buy them and see her. Lucy says she doesn't have any fetishes but she's fantasized about wrestling guys. Not smashing guys into the turnbuckles like a WWF match. More the erotic, slow, sexualized kind of wrestling that's sometimes called apartment wrestling. "I would like to oil our bodies and wrestle on a mat. The idea of this…
Featuring: Lucy
Date: June 17th, 2009
Duration: 50
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