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Lunch With Lola

Lola and the guy she's hanging out with decide to order in. Two big cheesy pizzas should do the job. Her feeder-friend gets off feeding Lola while he's sliding his personal pepperoni sausage into her hot slice. The sight of her eating makes him harder. Lola likes being fed by her dick-daddy because she likes dudes who take control. Her flawless body is his to enjoy...because man does not live by pizza alone.

Lola didn't get those cushy curves by starving herself. "Whenever I go out with friends on the weekend, the guys are always hanging all over me much more than the skinny girls," Lola says. "I think guys would rather be with girls built like me than them."

Lola is hot and horny. If she has no boyfriend with her, she helps herself. "When I masturbate, I like to put a small vibrator in my ass, a big dildo in my pussy and a mini-vibrator on my clit. You might think that a girl would need three hands or someone else to help out but there are so many toys that can do all that.…
Featuring: Lola Lush and Commando
Date: August 15th, 2016
Duration: 53

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