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The Classic Look

Lola Lush shows off her lush curves in lingerie and accessories that more women used to wear. "Boudoir" outfits on Lola look hot. She has the voluptuous curves and 38DDD bazoomers to wear them and look super-sexy. A lacey, purple bustier (worn with the straps concealed), a matching purple garter belt, white thigh-high stockings, sheet black panties and high-heeled pumps. The strapless effect also looks great with Lola. "I like to dress in a style that's hot and come-hither," says Lola. "Classy and sultry." She alternates between sticking a finger in her pussy and penetrating herself with a motorized toy. She turns it on and leaves it in hands-free so she can touch other parts of her fresh, young body. The vibrations make her tremble and moan. What is sexy in a man to Lola? "I like intelligence, a big dick, personality, good hygiene, confidence and honesty. I like a guy who is direct and makes eye contact when he talks to me." The worst pick-up line she ever heard was, "I lost my teddy…
Featuring: Lola Lush
Date: December 10th, 2009
Duration: 43
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