Very Lush Boobs

"I like to dress sultry and sexy but not trashy," says Lola Lush. "I'm not a ho so I don't try to look like one. I dress with style that's hot and come-hither. Sometimes I wear panties, sometimes not. Some busty girls don't like to wear bras but I always wear a bra except to bed. I like the feeling of support. Boobs are heavy! Gravity is not the friend of a busty model." What kind of guys does Lola like? We have to know. "A man who comes on light, not heavy, a direct guy with excellent hygiene and a seductive manner. And a big dick! A big dick I can suck on whenever I'm hot, which is usually 24/7." Lola considers herself sexually assertive and will make the first move if she likes a guy. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets! When she masturbates, she cums the hardest and the fastest from "a small vibrator in my ass and a large dildo in my vagina with a mini-vibrator on my clitoris." That sounds very hot. "My sexual fantasy is to have a threesome with a guy and girl. I think about…

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Featuring: Lola Lush
Date: June 16th, 2009
Photos: 50

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4 years ago 
Red dress for a RED HOT WOMAN !!..Man would I love a kiss from her. BUT.. It would have to be for a life time of kisses from her. I could never be satisfied with just one kiss from her.
10 years ago 

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