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Nurse Super Knockers

This poor boob has broken his head but every bad event can become an opportunity. That's because the nurse is none other than lovely and sexy Lisa Canon. Bet you didn't know she's a nurse at the XLGirls Clinic. Can Nurse Lisa cure this poor devil? He sure gets out of the wheelchair in record time. She has that therapeutic touch it seems. Her deep cleavage contains special curative powers. Too bad big pharma is unable to synthesize that. Mr. Largo can't wait to dive into this valley and while he motorboats through the huge hills to his heart's content, Nurse Super Knockers is preparing to give his Jones mouth-to-cock respiration. This will definitely get his blood pressure rising. And after that, he'll be spreading Nurse's legs apart and giving her his own meat thermometer. She's been waiting all day and night for a beef injection but hadn't found a patient with a high enough sperm count who could donate enough to make it worth her while. Now she has. With nurses built like this, no…
Featuring: Lisa Canon and Juan Largo
Date: September 27th, 2011
Duration: 83
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