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"I Cook & Clean Naked With Fancy Aprons"

"I come from a household full of women, and we were all very open and honest,"says Lilli Blue, a new and popular model at XLGirls. "Although out of all my sisters I've got the widest exhibitionist streak, but I'm not the weirdest. But the other ones have the 9 to 5 thing on, so I guess they don't have the same consequence-free environment that I have going on." We've translated the tattoo on Lilli's chest but let's have her explain it. "It says 'vulneratus non victus,' which is a Latin phrase that means wounded, not conquered. I think it's just a general good motto for life. And of course I like to go bold, so I got a tattoo across the chest. It's the only tattoo I have." Does Lilli prefer men or women? "I thought for a very long time, until I was about 22, that I prefered women and that men were just okay. But it turns out that I just wasn't doing the right stuff with the men. Once I expanded from the missionary position in dim lighting then I realized, yeah it wasn't men in general…
Featuring: Lilli Blue
Date: October 13th, 2010
Duration: 58

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Damn, I love this woman!
8 years ago 
Whoa!!! Lili has got the greatest ass!!! She has a beautiful face, a gorgeous smile and killer tits! I can't wait to see more!
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