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The Reflective Skin

Lanea Love tries out our sectional mirror room and reflects upon her voluptuous loveliness with a bottle of cream. And there's a lot to reflect on! Why, any man would be proud to have this tasty piece of eyecandy on his arm. Lanea likes fun dates. "Doing something out and being active. Trying something new and exciting. The last thing I want to do is hang out on a couch and watch a DVD and eat take-out," Lanea says. "Let's go to a nice restaurant so I can get dressed up and look sexy for you. Then let's go to a club and dance. Dancing says a lot about a guy, how he moves on the dance floor tips me off about how he'll be in bed. One of the things I really want to try one day is a zip-tie ride through a Costa Rican forest. That looks so exciting. I just need a guy to go with me! He can play Tarzan and I can play Jane!"
Featuring: Lanea Love
Date: July 12th, 2010
Duration: 90

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