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Nipples That Can Give You A Black Eye

Lady Spyce, a California Latina, could easily fit into the voluptuous Florida scene if she moved to Miami. She could go to the beach year-round and drive the local boob-dogs insane with her curvy anatomy. But that would mean giving up her precious Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and we don't think she could swap her loyalty over to the Miami Heat. Her favorite TV shows are Weeds and The First 48 Hours. When Spyce doesn't have a date going on, she's use her vibrators and dildos to bake her cookies. But when she needs servicing, she just has to pick up the phone and make a call. There's no shortage of eager dudes in her address book happy to give her the high hard one. Her 40DDD tits are magnets. Your head will stick to them.
Featuring: Lady Spyce
Date: August 19th, 2010
Duration: 87

Member Comments

10 months ago 
Beautiful gorgeous woman with all the right curves , wish there was more Spice.
6 years ago 
I have cum again
8 years ago 
More of this lady, please!
8 years ago 
I've always been a sucker for dark hair and dark eyes. Add a drop-dead body and you get my idea of a "dream girl." With any luck we'll see more of her in the near future.
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