Lady Snow's life revolves around sex. Sex, sex and more sex. Is there a link between sex drive and tit size? Scientists and sexologists say no but we suspect they are wrong and there is indeed a link just as we believe there is a link between the size of a woman's clit and pussy lips and her sex drive. What does Lady Snow want to do that she hasn't done yet? "I want to have sex on a quiet beach. I've never done that. Not in the US. Someplace warm, like an island in the Caribbean, maybe a tiny island in The Bahamas. The sand has to be beautiful and soft." We'd guess that dudes and playas hit on Lady Snow everywhere she goes. What do they say to her? "Everything you can imagine. One man said 'You need to spend the night with me because I'm dying tomorrow.' Another just walked over to me and asked me my bra size. They don't need the silly lines. Just tell me I look nice. I don't bite...hard."

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Featuring: Lady Snow
Date: December 2nd, 2008
Photos: 80

Member Comments

7 months ago 
She’s perfect!!! I love the picture where she’s on her side spreading her cheeks, showing her beautiful pussy and asshole. I’d bury my face in there and lick everything all day!!!
4 years ago 
Lady, know that you are desired and worshiped.
7 years ago 
I love her luscious body. I could handle her all day!
9 years ago 
gigantic natural tits and an ass you could lick all day make lady snow the ideal XL model.

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