That Busty Barista

Every guy has one. You know, the hot cashier at the grocery store or the cute waitress at your favorite lunch spot. You pass by a little more often than you normally would hoping to catch another glimpse of her.

Well, Kitty McPherson is the busty barista.

Most of us need a strong cup of joe to get our day started, but if Kitty worked at our local coffee shop, we would spend our entire day on a caffeine high. We'd be downing gallons of coffee per day while staring at her HH-cup tits.

"Just about anything I wear is a tight top," Kitty said. "So I don't really have to try to show them off. I'm always showing them off. I love my girls, though. And I like the compliments I get. And I always find it funny when I notice guys actually trying to look me in the eyes, but their eyes keep wandering down."

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Featuring: Kitty McPherson
Date: August 10th, 2021
Photos: 75

Member Comments

Sashaa Juggs & Peyton Thomas are the main contenders to this lady as I look back over photo sets this year, but I think that all round, nobody seems more physically attractive, sassy, sexy, enthusiastic, confident & generally scrumptious as Kitty.
She gets my chest fluttering & she gets my vote.
The guy who has intimacy with her has memories for life, but the guy who regularly wakes up with her has life sown up.
I am in BBW HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAVEN OMG Kitty!!!!!! You are HEAVEN ONEARTH GORGEOUS Kitty!!! Your HUGE BREASTS are MAGNIFICENT, I LOVE your PUSSY BULGE, it drives me INSANE!!! I LOOOOOVE your HEAVEN ON EARTH ASSSHOLE, omg I WISH I WAS NAKED THERE with you, with my throbbing penis out for YOU!!!!!!!!!!
For me, Kitty is a top class model who stands out among the current crop.
This is what a REAL woman looks like, & the best of them, at that. Forget money, career advancement, cars, property. Find a lady like her & you've solved the meaning of life.
Here endeth the only lesson you will need to hear.
I've got to give a shout out to my fantasy girlfriend Kitty. I really like this girl!

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