Cream-Filled Kimmie

Kimmie Kaboom is one of those girls who reminds us why we love Southern girls. They're down-to-earth, cornfed babes who don't mind rolling up their sleeves and getting a bit dirty from time to time. But they also like getting dolled up for you to remind you just how sexy they can be, too. Better yet, they can do both simultaneously and roll up their dresses, pull their panties to the side and let you get a dirty doggystyle quickie in a public restroom. With a Southern girl, almost anything is on the table.

"I've always been kind of a guy's girl," Kimmie said. "I enjoy working on and talking about cars, among other things. But I'm also a very sexual person. I like sex as much as guys do. I probably want sex more than most guys do. I'm a really sexual person. It overwhelms guys at times."

We've seen how Kimmie's sexuality can overwhelm guys. "The biggest thing is that sex is fun for me," Kimmie said. "If you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong."
Featuring: Kimmie Kaboom and J Mac
Date: November 22nd, 2021
Photos: 150

Member Comments

2 years ago 

Scènes et cadrages sont magnifiques! Merci photographe et acteurs!

thanks for all the comments, Glad you liked it!

Wow !! The PAIRING i was most eagerly looking for... the Amazon Kimmie who is NOT SO EASY to please on the bed in a fuck fest and J-Mac,whom i rightly bet every dollar on my mind as the ONLY GUY who had the best shot of TAMING Kimmie and making her moan, groan for real in sheer pleasure and reach the real sexual climax or orgasm which i wanted from her all along and which i NEVER SAW in her other fuck sessions with other studs. Juan came close a little however,i thought.
At the end of the day, hats off to J-Mac for giving us the XL Girls Hardcore Scene of the year 2015 !!.
Again, the photo version of these fuck marathons end up more hotter than the videos. This photo version fuck fest must have been pretty intense as well, with Kimmie's big, juicy, sumptuous Cunt ending up truly stuffed by J-Mac's hung, long and strong meat shaft.
The proof of the pudding... REAL Cum Cream pie all over Kimmie's big Cunt on the 63rd and 65th photos... ending up the right way, after a fuck feast and not sprayed upon with a Toy gun !!!.

You made my weekend. Cheers !!

I enjoyed this update of Kimmie. The positions, Camera Angles all done Quite well.Those 42H Boobs, I mean DAMN ! What can you say about them ? Mmmmm

Oh Kimmie, how heavenly it would be to see you waiting for me dressed like that. Then undressed like that, then to have you coax a big load out of me that spills inside your pretty pussy...aaaahhhh.. Damn you have one big, soft, HOT body!

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