Drop The Toy & Take The Cock

Drop The Toy & Take The Cock

Kendra Lee Ryan is dressed like a classic burlesque pin-up star glammed up to the nines. What has she got planned? It's going to be wood-making, that's for sure. Kendra performs as an exotic dancer in California and Las Vegas and is one of the few XL Girls (including Julia Juggs) who dance live on-stage.

Kendra wants a big thing to suck on and fuck her pussy with. She's got one ready and this fancy lady-pleaser has a separate clit stimulator built in for extra excitement. Looks like it can do the job nicely on a hot girl. Kendra gives it a whirl and her pussy gets wet as she slips it inside her. And then Tony shows up.

Tony helps her out and gives her a hand. He takes over and fucks her with the toy--inch by inch so she can lean back and enjoy the thrill of the drill. It's always nice when someone else takes over the physical action, like when a girl jerks you off so you can just enjoy the experience.

But you know, modern technology can only go so far. The old ways are still the best. Kendra and Tony decide to put the toy away and go with the real deal. For Kendra, it's long and hard and fits well in her mouth and pussy-hole, plus it's a lot warmer and better-tasting. So Tony drops trou and Kendra fills her mouth to her heart's content in a beautifully sloppy blow job. Kendra really knows how to suck dick. Watching her slurping and bobbing on Tony's prick is a joy. This cute, sexy girl really deserves a hearty fucking in a variety of fun positions, and what Kendra deserves, she gets.
Date: May 31st, 2021
Photos: 150

Member Comments

1 year ago 

This one soo HOTTT! What a HOTTT horny woman she is!!

3 years ago 

I keep returning to this sexy gallery

3 years ago 

Kendra Lee, a beauty in stockings! so great and so sexy xxxxx I love you and hope that you read this darling.

I really want to see her pretty face splattered with creamy goodness... totally deserves a massive facial!

What a fine horny girl!

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