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Tawny Titties

"A woman seems to instinctively know how to kiss," said Kayla Maze in an exclusive XLGirls titty-chat. "How hard and just how to do it right. It's kind of hard to explain. Some men know how also, but they are more rare. Women are usually better at it. The same goes for everything else. Women have boobs so we know how to play with boobs, what really feels good. Now, each woman is different, so you have to try different things and see what your partner likes best, but, women seem to tune in and catch on to their lover's needs a lot quicker. It's the same when it comes to playing with and eating a woman's pussy. We have pussies so we know what feels good. At least what feels good to us. If it feels good to me, chances are good it feels good to another woman, too. So I eat a woman's pussy the way I like mine to be eaten and it usually works out great!"
Featuring: Kayla Maze
Date: March 16th, 2010
Duration: 67

Member Comments

5 months ago 
Wow. What an absolute dream girl. These pics send me to chocolate heaven.
1 year ago 
Her thighs are five stars.
6 years ago 
This woman is a mans fantasy
7 years ago 
Kayla's tits and huge areolae just drive me crazy. They make my mouth water-and my dick rock hard. makes me want suck"em forever..and then come allover them after titfucking her
8 years ago 
Finally other great black girl! Please more!
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