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"People think I'm some kind of flower child," says Katherine James. The Arizona V-Girl says that because she doesn't shave her pussy bald and slick, likes a very natural look without make-up an inch thick and enjoys outdoor activities, some people look at her like she's a hippie chick. "I probably would have fit in well into that late '60's, early '70s countercultural scene," admits Katherine. "Some of it I do feel drawn to. I could even see myself living in a commune. Just think of all that free love I could have gotten! Especially with my big boobs!" Birkenstocks with socks? Please, Katherine, just stay the way you are, nice and earthy. Peace out.
Featuring: Katherine James
Date: September 14th, 2009
Photos: 60

Member Comments

8 months ago 

Another great set of her. So natural, just perfect.

1 year ago 

nice smile and bush. this girl is beautiful in every natural aspect.

9 years ago 

I loove her round tummy and fuzzy bush

11 years ago 

I just love Katherine James. She is one of my favorite models of all time.

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