Pretty In Purple

"I never leave my house without looking hot and sexy!" vows Kandi Kobain. "I try to look as groomed and pretty as I can. Guys like a girl to look good. They don't want to see a girl who looks like she just fell out of bed and doesn't care about her appearance." Because Kandi is all about taking care of herself, she doesn't make great demands on her boyfriends. She's easy going and not high maintenance. And she is very horny all the time. "My perfect evening is to go over to a friend's house where he will cook dinner. Then we snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. We play with each other...he touches my titties and I play with his cock. When we get so worked up that we have to have it and go to the bedroom for good, passionate sex until we both cum and then do it again. I need sex all the time so when I want it, I get it! I love to ride it and take control. I know exactly what how to hit it so it feels the best to me and my partner."
Featuring: Kandi Kobain
Date: April 1st, 2009
Photos: 80

Member Comments

2 years ago 

Kandi has the PERFECT body. Big tits, big belly and oh my god I absolutely love that humongous ass!!! I could have sex with her three times a day and never get tired of fucking her. Every picture of her with her enormous ass up all I can think about is spreading them giant cheeks apart and getting a taste of her pussy and asshole. Her pussy looks so amazing too. I’d fuck her in every position so I can watch them tits, ass and belly jiggle. Then I’d shoot a massive load inside her perfect pussy. Everything about this girls body gets me so hard.

8 years ago 

kandi is beautiful please more of kandi!

11 years ago 

The blonde Amazon woman of my dreams..........where do I send my proposal?

12 years ago 

Beatiful face, great tits, great ass and great body!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 years ago 

She was one of the greatest as a plumper...too bad she has lost so much weight

14 years ago 


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