Crazy, Sexy, Cool

Kamryn Monroe is our type of girl. She has a bit of a wild, crazy side.

"I've fucked in lots of places I shouldn't have," Kamryn said. "I once fucked a guy in the vice principal's office. That was during my senior year."

You could say she graduated Magna Cum Louder. And like we've seen in her photo sets and videos, Kamryn is unbelievably sexy.

"I really like getting myself dolled up," Kamryn said. "I guess most girls do, but it took a while for me. I was kind of a tomboy growing up, so I didn't get into makeup and all of that until I was about 15. Now, you'll always see me in a low-cut top and tight jeans or a short skirt. Well, that is if I'm wearing clothes at all. I'm naked most of the time when I'm home."

And all of that is why she's cool. Kamryn loves to get dolled up, but she's down to shoot in a dark, abandoned warehouse because she thinks it's fun and triggers the thought of fulfilling new fantasies.

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Featuring: Kamryn Monroe
Date: December 29th, 2020
Photos: 110

Member Comments

Que Rica
I hope she starts posing again

I believe the XLGirls editorial team failed to be alert on this one... !!

As per the FUTURE update preview on the site main home page, this "Crazy, Sexy, Cool" photo set and video was scheduled for April 30th. Today is April 15th... and this update is up and running on the site...

Beats me... or is it something DIFFERENT going to happen with a Kamryn update on April 30th ??

"This place is cool," Kamryn said. "I've actually never fucked in a warehouse before. I'm going to have to add that to my list!"

Is it a clue ??. Is there ONE more PART 2 update on coming APRIL 30th with KAMRYN MONROE GETTING FUCKED FOR AND BEFORE THE CAMERA with a handsome man with a big, long, thick and hung COCK ??.

I would only wish you guys CUT OUT THE SUSPENSE on this one and make the grand announcement... "KAMRYN Ripe and Ready for the J-Mac Pipe" !!.

I will be very saddened if all you guys could get out of Kamryn was a "Tits and Tugs" scene with J-Mac... the only saving grace being that Kamryn allowed J-Mac to suck and fondle her tits, feel and slap her big ass a little and grope, lip spread as well as finger her big cunt....

Kamryn NO LONGER needs oil or cock juice collected in a spray gun and sprayed on her from a remote distance...

Kamryn now needs a real man and a real handsome stud such as J-Mac or Juan fucking her big, juicy, fleshy and plump CUNT !!.

Kamryn's CUNT needs some real COCK pounding and let the fuck feast begin !!. For god's sake, Let this Kamryn "solo show" monotony end as well !!

As for this photo set, awesome and beautifully shot, with superb lighting and with Kamryn Monroe in either very little or no make-up !!. Wonderful !!.

One more suggestion to Score Photographers... In your very next update of Kamryn Monroe, please ENCOURAGE her to pose for "upshots" of her lovely, big and juicy cunt !!. When i mean "cunt upshots"... i mean the type of cunt show which the great Kerrie Marie used to pose for, with Kerrie in standing position and the camera lens focused on her big cunt from a vantage position below her knees !!

Show a little variety XL Girls !! Please provide us an update of Kamryn Monroe wet by the poolside followed by a fuck feast !!

Cheers... you truly made my day with this one !!. Kamryn Monroe is one model for whom i will definetely pay for to view !!

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