Captain Kamryn

If you're fresh off the boat at XL Girls, check out Captain Kamryn Monroe's chat in "Plush & Lush" and learn what makes this hot chick tick. She is a babe and a half and hails from Boston, which is also Kelli Maxx's home turf.

Looking cute and shipshape in her naval uniform, Miss Monroe loves to have her big 49-inch tits played with, sucked and kissed and she loves to have her neck kissed and her pussy licked. "I'm passive," says Kamryn. "I love to be taken control of by a dominant man. I like being on top." Surprisingly, Kamryn says she has no sexual fantasies. Not even any shipboard romancing with seamen?

Kamryn loves girls too. Her kinkiest time was "sex with a girl on a pool table at a party with a beer bottle." And her first sexing was with a girl. "I love women," Kamryn gushes.

The perfect shipmate to sink into.

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Featuring: Kamryn Monroe
Date: February 26th, 2015
Duration: 52

Member Comments

4 years ago 
Oh God I LOVE you SO MUCH Kamryn, I you look HOT in that suit!!! I have t tell you Kamryn that I LOVE you, I think you are PAARADISE GORGEOUS, the a PERFECT BBW, I LOOOOVE THIS set more than your others because you show your GOOORGORGEOUS ASSHOLE SOOO MUCH!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Kamryn!!! From picture 29 & 37-45 I am in HEEEAVEN ON EARTH… Kamryn!!! I don't know what that white stuff is on your pussy, I know its not cum, but it interferes with my STRONG DESIRE to SMEEELL then LICK YOUR HEAVAN PUSSY!!! I don't know what that white stuff is, but tell them it interfered with my fantasy.
4 years ago 
Kamryn is my captain! I love this set and I adore Kamryn. I love those big brown eyes and her killer body. She is so damn cute in that outfit! Kamryn has catapulted to the top of my all time favorite models list. I can't wait to see more of Kamryn.
4 years ago 
Well... i am least bothered if my comments are not appreciated and posted. However, i stand by what i said in my earlier comment.

First of all,hats off and Kudos to Kamryn Monroe on her excellent choice of dress... the string bikini and panties cannot be more scantier and skimpier.

If Kamryn showed up either before an Admiral or an Air Force… General as a subordinate, they would choose to abandon all other controls and reach swiftly for Kamryn's controls..meaning an awesome, huge pair of boobs and a big, chunky cunt...!! .

What a package Kamryn is... great face, beauty smile,buxom belly,mammoth pair of juicy tits, and thunder thighs pouching the biggest, juiciest and fleshiest cunt i have seen in a long, long time !!.

Her string panties are stressed to the maximum limit... trying to pouch her huge, juicy cunt, which i estimate would weigh a hefty two pounds...!!

Photos 30 through 34 are the most sublime... where Kamryn in a fully reclined position on the lucky, soft sofa... lifts,spreads and holds her thighs to show a sumptuous "heads up display" of her big, beautiful cunt !!. This is the kind of position a man should have... for licking, munching and fingering her fleshy pussy.... !!. I wish i was the lucky guy and i wish i could do it all day long !!.

While appreciating Kamryn's jucy cunt photos 30 to 34, I could see a crucial difference in these too. Photos 30 through 34 show Kamryn's big cunt full of juice !! . In all the rest of the photos, her cunt is juice free. Seeing the juice, i find it difficult to believe that the same is Kamryn's own cunt juice.

I am dead sure Kamryn's cunt is filled with a man's "cock juice" on photos 30 through 34, either the sublime result of a fuck feast (or) a man's timely delivery
of that juice on to her cunt just for these five photos !!. If the juice making Kamryn's cunt wet,moist and so inviting is her own... then hats off to her. She does have the juice in her !!.

It would be a crying shame if this groovy chick "does not go all the way fucking handsome stud for the camera"... after coming dazzlingly close in the form of a POV, Tits and Tugs scene with J-Mac.

Even in the previous POV tits and tugs scene, Kamryn generously allowed J-Mac to feel, suck and fondle her big tits, grope her cunt outside of her panties, as well as groping and fingering her cunt, after her panties were taken off.

We are dazzlingly close to a "fuck feast" featuring Kamryn Monroe. Over this whole month of Feb, there have been too many solo scenes, added to the new woe of Vintage Mondays.. !!

I eagerly hope March brings the update of Kamryn i so long and wait for, featuring her sumptuous goods enjoyed by a handsome stud cock !!.

I equally hope J-Mac gets the cock honors to enjoy Kamryn first !!.

Let the March update announcement on Kamryn Monroe be made..."Kamryn Monroe Real Ripe and Ready for Thick, Long Pipe !!"

Make my dream come true... please !!
4 years ago 
Once more, Kudos and congrats to XLGIRLS for introducing the 3000 pixel download choice, which enables us to see juicy, buxom chicks like Kamryn Monroe and their glorious assets !!.

Once more, an outstanding photo set of Kamryn and hats off to her for her choice of dress....

I love and appreciate her for her choice of the skimpiest of bikini bra… and the skimpiest of bikini panties. Even a Grand Admiral commanding a warship would have abandoned control of his vessel and taken full control of Kamryn, if she had shown up before him... that's for sure...

What well endowed assets Kamryn has... juicy boobs, deep arm pits, buxom belly, thunder thighs and a big, fleshy, pump and juicy cunt... perched beautifully between those thighs. Those string bikini panties were struggling to pouch her cunt.. which by itself would be weighing a
couple of pounds !!.

There is something fishy about photos 30 TO 34, which is pointing out to some clues about what Kamryn is going to dish out in her NEXT update...

While Kamryn is spreading and lifting up her thighs wide in photos 30 to 34 so conveniently for a guy to lick, munch and finger her BIG CUNT... I SEE A LOT OF JUICE ON HER CUNT as WELL !! Is that her OWN CUNT JUICE or a HUNG COCKSMAN's juice ??. Was a hung cocksman on standby masturbating for this photo set to discharge his load just in time over Kamryn's CUNT for clicking photos 30 to 34 (or) is Kamryn relaxing and still horny after a fuck scene with a stud ?

I wonder ... and my fantasy is running wild !!. If that JUICE is Kamryn's OWN after a solo act, then she is one horny chick who has a lot of her own juice !!.

Anyway, this lady is one whom i would love to see enjoyed by a stud cock and if her earlier POV tits and tugs scene is any indication, KAMRYN MONROE is READY and RIPE for the PIPE !!.
I am sick of seeing too many sneak update previews of upcoming photos and videos, featuring SOLO acts...

Time to make a significant update announcement on XL GIRLS for March... and i would like the same to read as "KAMRYN MONROE RIPE AND READY FOR REAL PIPE !!".

Make my dream come true... please !!!

Cheers !!!

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