Smotherin' Boobs

Smotherin' Boobs

Jennie Louise is a caregiver at home in the UK. Modeling starkers, when she has the time, is a way for Jennie to blow off some steam. You see, her job is stressful. "I work in a care home where the people are seniors," says Jennie. "Most of them are very nice. A few of the chaps are horny, fresh old blokes who forget themselves and are always reaching out to squeeze my boobs or pinch my arse. They can't control themselves. When that happens, I have to firmly try to set them straight, in an appropriate way, of course! They laugh like little boys that were caught stealing cookies. But it's not easy. They're always asking me to get my tits out or show them my bits. Thank goodness, it's only a few. I wouldn't be able to do this if all the men were this way. I can't even tell some of the comments they mutter! But it does make my job stressful and it's stressful enough just with the seniors who behave properly. When I have the chance to model, I feel that it relieves the pressure of my job…
Featuring: Jennie Louise
Date: September 13th, 2011
Duration: 60

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Have a nice plump day everyone. CHEERS!
5 years ago 
very hot pics, love your body too very hot
7 years ago 
Jenni Louise - you are great ! Love your body !

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