The Hot Wife Returns

Jasmine Jones is back by editor's special request. A hot wife in Texas, Jasmine is not a nudist. She is not an exotic dancer. She is a swinger. "I've been a swinger for about five years," Jasmine explained. "My wildest swinging experience hasn't happened yet so I'm still waiting. I've been with another couple but not in a group scene yet. My fantasies are having sex in public and watching another woman satisfy my husband. I have sex about three times a week and I like a lot of foreplay before we fuck."

Jasmine loves adult stuff. Mags, on-line videos, DVDs. "I like to watch a lot of porn. During those times, my vibrator is put to work. I have a nice collection of big toys. I like to be watched when I'm fucking and my husband likes to watch me have sex. He loves to photograph me doing all kinds of nasty things at home. I get satisfaction doing what he likes. I was glad to come back for more because I enjoyed myself. We watch my XLGirls videos together or he'll watch them again by himself."

"I get a lot of compliments about my legs and feet. I love to wear stocking, heels, garters, corsets and I especially love panties of all kinds. I collect them and love to take pictures and videos wearing them."

"I love a big cock in my mouth and throat. I love the taste. You know from my first visit that I love to play with cum and lots of it. So a man who can really shoot out a great, big load of cum makes me happy."

We'll be seeing Jasmine in a new, hot and nasty scene! What a good wife.
Featuring: Jasmine Jones
Date: April 24th, 2013
Photos: 60

Member Comments

4 years ago 

Beautiful, creamy lady. I would enjoy her so much!

7 years ago 

jasmine is beautiful great t&a jasmine is the best bring jasmine back for more!

11 years ago 

This may be the best Jasmine photo set yet. I love the outfit she is wearing at the beginning. First time I wasn't in a hurry to see her strip. There are so many great poses in this set, some will make my all time favorites list. Once Jasmine is naked and unencumbered by clothing and stunt cocks she is tough to compete with. She is such a gorgeous woman. I am a huge fan.

11 years ago 

Oh my God just seeing Jasmine and that she has a new set stirs feelings SO deep inside me! I HAD to look this morning on my iphone to sneak a peak of her photos, I HAVE TO SAY MY COCK STARTED TO SWELL IN PANTS, my heart is beating as I type this, I CANNOT WAIT to see her set, her NEW photos-I LOVE this woman, omg! OMG Jasmine's dream looks and her thick curves and stir feelings so deep inside me, for her! One of the reasons I had to join xl free after my month of score was that I saw jasmine free on the internet and could not believe my eyes, or stop thinking about how gorgeous she is and her dream thick, fat dream goddess body! Oh my god her tits are very close to legendary dannI ashes, omg they are heaven-her nipples are heaven, I would
give anything to kiss every perfect goddess plump inch of her, I love her goddess dream asshole omg, I think I would give anything on earth to lick her goddess asshole and smell it like crazy-the thought makes my cock throb so hard-I could lick her asshole all night long! My favorite pics are 13th from the last through 18th from the last, OMG OMG OMG OMG I LOVE her ASSHOLE!

11 years ago 

Jasmine is a very beautiful women. Her body is built for fucking. And I would. I could never share her through.

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