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Motor City Mammaries

"I like having big boobs, but sometimes I wish they weren't as big as they are," Janet said between modeling sessions. Oh God, we don't want to hear that! "I mean, I know they look good in clothes sometimes, and they get me a lot of attention, but they can be hard to deal with. It's hard to find bras that fit, and if I wear the same things smaller girls wear, my boobs are sticking out all over the place and theirs aren't. So I'm glad that they're big, but I wish they were a bit smaller." Please, Janet, don't go changin'. A man who doesn't want to hear Janet say that last sentence also, P.H. emails: "Just a quick note to say thank you for Janet Jade. Janet is the best thing to have appeared for absolutely ages and looks stunning. I can only hope the gorgeous, wonderful Janet will keep appearing--it'll take a lot for her not to be my Model of the Year!"
Featuring: Janet Jade
Date: August 4th, 2009
Duration: 50
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