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The Jane Blow Workout

When Jane Blow hits the gym, she doesn't fool around. How else is a girl supposed to keep her body supple and shapely? Jane Blow was an American college co-ed in Montreal studying biology when she contacted us about posing. A friend, a fan of busty girls, urged her to model. That's one way to get to see a girl you like stark naked and toying herself. Jane checked us out and called us.

Jane is just as active in her life as she is in this photo shoot. "I like sports. I love watching baseball on TV. I love playing football. I love the contact. I like to swim and play volleyball," Jane said. "I can hang out just like one of the guys, but still be a lady when the situation calls for it. I like beer and hot wings, but I also like to dress up for a romantic evening."

Jane thinks that a combination of masturbation and sex with a man is the best kind of sex because she loves touching herself when she's fucking. She doesn't wear panties most of the time. She likes being free and easy so she…
Featuring: Jane Blow
Date: October 20th, 2015
Duration: 65

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I want Jane to give me a workout...
with her beautiful hips.
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Can I lick it up?
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