Fruits & Big Boobs

Fruits & Big Boobs

Ivy Darmon has an awesome body and natural big tits. So awesome that we dispatched one of our photographers to the Czech Republic and this apartment on the outskirts of the city of Prague where Ivy opened herself up to his protruding lens in the kitchen and elsewhere. Ivy speaks scant English, only Czech, German and Slovak. But that's fine. We have a translator to assist although our crew tells us that most Czech models understand instinctively what breast-men want to see and they willingly provide it. "I love to model. It excites me to show my body and think that so many men want me," said Ivy. "I enjoyed looking at my photos in your magazines. There are so many sexy girls in them that I felt good to be a part of it. I will be happy to pose again if everybody wants me to." B.S. is one of those guys in agreement with a series of adjectives. He emails, "Ivy Darmon is a gem, a wonder...charming, alluring, stunning and inviting. Look at those full, whopping breasts ready to worship,…

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Featuring: Ivy Darmon
Date: January 25th, 2010
Photos: 53

Member Comments

10 years ago 
only 4 comments, this qne beautifullest lady in the world if icould have a lady such ivy , will she have any thing she wanted that lady i 'll bet my life i could bring her to her knee's in plesure if i hade the chance willing2pleaseherevery need and this site smart and they are this lady money get her under contract... she'#1in every department could you amagine wake up with those biggin's in your face , that lady's and gentle man is wath make's this world a beautifull place!!!!!
11 years ago 
Darmon as you call her, or La Toya Roxx as she's also known as, either name, she's hot. Lots more of her
11 years ago 
Now this model is exactly what we call stunning. Please bring Ivy back for more.
11 years ago 
WOW is exactly right! Very stunning. Absolutely beautiful. Keep it up Ivy, Hope to see a lot more photos sets of you in the very near future !!!!!
11 years ago 
WOW ! Ivy Darmon is indeed a gem.I think that you find some of the best,most beautiful models in the Czech Republic,maybe my attraction to Czech models is in my jeans-AH ! Genes, as my grandmother was from the Czech Republic.Please have Ivy back,I agree, more of her is a very good idea.

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