Hello Titty

"I can be either assertive or passive depending on my mood," Gia Johnson tells us. "I like a man to make the first move. I expect him to. But I have started first if I feel really horny and don't want to wait. I like a man who is funny and makes me laugh. I like to go on dates that are romantic and show me that he's put some effort into it. It doesn't have to be some expensive dark restaurant. It could be something active in the daytime. Sometimes a guy will be reluctant to get going because he's concerned I will get bitchy about it. So if I feel that, I will show him right off that I am interested by touching him or playing with his hair or even squeezing his butt. I'll open a few buttons to show more of my tits and lean forward, brush against his chest with them. That usually will get the party started!" Gia's worth the effort. Just check her out!!
Featuring: Gia Johnson
Date: December 7th, 2010
Photos: 94

Member Comments

9 years ago 

...Gia´s eyes...wau...

12 years ago 

simply gorgeous

12 years ago 

I just love this beauty.

12 years ago 

Gia has such beautiful
shapes and curves -
You're so sexy!

13 years ago 

It's a pretty good set, as usual I would like to see more shots of her closed pussy, there's a couple that are close, but once again we seem to go from them being hidden to wide open. Given her ethnicity, she's a bit hairy, and the next time she's shaving her legs, she should give those forearms a shot. I can't take arm hair, if it's in the shot, I'm out.

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