H-Cups Stand For Heavy

H-Cups Stand For Heavy

A beautiful girl, Farrah has incredible H-Cup tits. They bounce and shake and need to be sucked, fucked and anything else that's pleasurable. Fortunately, Farrah has opted to share her flesh pillows with us instead of hiding them and saving them for one dude like so many busty girls and their boyfriends or spouses selfishly do. Farrah likes traveling, dancing and shopping. She was born in Pennsylvania and now lives in Texas. "I like men with nice smiles and huge cocks that they know how to use," says Farrah, who attracts attention like flowers attract bees. "When I meet real breast-men, they always want to slide their cocks between my tits." It has to be, Farrah. You're a true rarity! Thanks for the erection, Farrah!
Featuring: Farrah
Date: September 11th, 2009
Duration: 44

Member Comments

3 years ago 
I would love to find out, um, firsthand, whose skin is softer - Farrah's or Maserati's?
5 years ago 
Definetely a beautiful
girl, can you just
imagine waking up next
to this goddess and she
starts by grabbing your
balls and she starts
licking your neck? I
envy the man who gets
to come home and love
this woman cause by the
looks of her, on her
first hc video, she
seem like a total
fucking sweetheart.
9 years ago 
she looks so great in her white shirt with tits out!
9 years ago 
Truly gorgeous woman

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