Pint-sized Pulchritude

Pint-sized Pulchritude

Little busty girl Devyn Devine from Seattle, Washington by way of Brooklyn, New York, has what scientists call a cocksucker mouth. She's a stripper and for a time, tried her mouth and pussy in hardcore porn. "I'm cute. I'm funny. And I'm a kick-ass party girl. I am the life of the party. I'm the funniest person I know. No matter where I am, in any group, I'm the funniest person. I'm sarcastic, that's my humor." There's no need to be coy or hesitant around this one. "I've never met a guy who didn't go for my tits first. I'm not a big nipple girl, so you should never go straight for my nipples. You should always go for around the outside. And don't ever forget the underside. And then you go slowly. You have to have something to build up to. And then you can get a little rougher and use your teeth. But you're not going to stay there forever. You have to mix it up. I've never been a girl who likes to go camping, and I don't expect my men to camp, either, so he's going to start on my…

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Featuring: Devyn Devine
Date: February 2nd, 2011
Photos: 125

Member Comments

7 years ago 
This is the best site for BBW pics. If these girls would marry me their initials would be double d & Triple d.
Other websites they wouldn't live up to there initals!
11 years ago 
With nipples like Devyn's it'd be hard not to zero right in on them--I just want to suck'em all day! But..anything to please--she's so damn adorable and sexy. love those lips too!
11 years ago 
This made my day. Glad to see a new set. I love Devyn!

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