BBW Photos » Denise Holds A Pair

Denise Holds A Pair

"My nipples always go hard," says Denise. "Always. I always play with my boobs and masturbate. I can rub my nipples. I can suck them. I can push them together and lick both my nipples. I can bite them. And I can tweak them. And it doesn't hurt. Not at all. It's fun. It's almost better than full-on sex sometimes. I mean, sometimes I'll be at home alone, and I'll just start playing with my tits and sucking on them. That's why I can survive without men, you see, because I can play with my own boobs. I can shove dildos up me, too. I definitely prefer a real cock, but if one's not available, I can make do with a dildo. I can get on all fours, put a dildo in my pussy and clench my pussy muscles so they'll just hold it there for, like, two minutes. I have very strong pussy muscles."
Featuring: Denise Davies
Date: March 17th, 2009
Duration: 32
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